Communication Consultant for FSC Ukraine

Deadline for application

May 15, 2023

We are looking for an engaged Communication Consultant for FSC Ukraine, who brings solid expertise and a passion for FSC’s mission, to work with us in a multinational environment.

The Scope

The Communications Consultant will be engaged for developing and implementing the communication strategy of FSC Ukraine, promoting FSC and its impact among relevant stakeholders such as governments, NGOs and media.

Main Roles and Responsibilities

  • Engage media and opinion leaders in the FSC Ukraine activities;
  • Work with potential T1 media and pitch the communication outputs;
  • Create and adapt relevant content for FSC Ukraine's communication channels.

The application process consists of three stages:

I. Submit your motivation letter, addressing the following questions:

  • Describe a successful communication campaign you led and its impact (100-200 words);
  • Briefly describe a communication strategy you would develop for an important project relating to the forestry sector in Ukraine. Include key elements such as target audiences and main messages (100-250 words);
  • Provide an example of how you fostered collaboration among stakeholders to achieve a communication goal (100-200 words).

II. Selected candidates will be invited to participate in a video interview, where they will be asked to discuss their approach on communication and their views on the future of communication management.
III. Final candidates will be invited for an in-person interview to further discuss their experience and qualifications.

If you are interested, please send CV and motivation letter in English to email: