Forest dialogues

FSC Ukraine initiated a series of round tables called "Forest Dialogues", which aim to establish a dialogue between different stakeholders in the forest sector to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Лісові діалоги
Лісові діалоги

The first "Forest Dialogue": Potential for afforestation and restoration of natural ecosystems under land reform

Land reform has a great public resonance in the context of launching the land market and changes related to decentralization processes. In particular, the fate of self-seeded forests on agricultural lands has not been determined, there is concern about the ability to restore natural ecosystems and the prospects for optimizing forest-agrarian landscapes, etc.

Лісові діалоги

The second "Forest Dialogue": Illegal logging: legal dimension of the problem and the state of law enforcement

Official data on the volume of illegal logging differ significantly from the estimates of researchers and investigators. Differences in the interpretation of concepts and approaches to assessment, legal unregulation of these and other issues lead to conflict situations and distract from solving their fundamental causes, concentrating efforts on combating the consequences.
The lack of regulation of this issue and differences with European approaches hinder the progressive development of the forest industry and timber business.


Round table
FSC Ukraine

The third "Forest Dialogue": Monetization of ecosystem services in Ukraine: Utopia or underestimated opportunities to achieve sustainable development goals

Ukraine has a strong potential of ecosystem services, which according to researchers reaches billions of dollars, but remains unused for various reasons. For example, the lack of environmental and forest policies and their separation from other sectoral development strategies on ecosystem services. This can also include the lack of state regulation of instruments for monetizing such services, as well as the lack of experience and skills in working with responsible business in the private market for ecosystem services.


The fourth "Forest Dialogue": Green procurement of forest products: status and prospects in the domestic market

The results of the round table are raising awareness of the practical implementation of public and private procurement systems for forest products, awareness of the importance of applying sustainability criteria within these systems and finding common positions on the prospects of their development and the necessary tools.


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Videos of round tables

On April 28, 2021, FSC Ukraine held the first of a series of round tables "Forest Dialogues"

They are intended to provide a multilateral dialogue between all stakeholders on responsible and balanced forest management and conservation of natural ecosystems. Representatives of state authorities, scientists and leading forestry experts, non-governmental environmental organizations, as well as other key players in the forest sector are invited to participate in the round tables.

On July 15, 2021, FSC Ukraine held the second round table in the series "Forest Dialogues"

The event was dedicated to the issue of legal regulation of illegal logging, trafficking of illegally harvested timber and low law enforcement. The lack of a single definition and different meanings in the concept of "illegal logging" leads to different interpretations, discrepancies in the statistics of departments, deterioration of the image of the country's forest sector, growing distrust in society, etc.

On November 23, 2021, FSC Ukraine held the third round table of the Forest Dialogues series

The event was dedicated to the issue of monetization of ecosystem services. The diversity of flora and fauna, absorption of carbon dioxide, regulation of water flow, health improvement and recreation - all these are ecosystem services that humans receive through forests and other natural ecosystems.

On December 15, 2021, FSC Ukraine held the fourth Forest Dialogue - a round table dedicated to the development of both public and private green procurement in the domestic market

The multilateral dialogue also aimed to disseminate the experience of responsible business procurement and encourage bidders to choose products made from renewable resources or recycled materials.

Additional materials

Звіт «Незаконні рубки та незаконно добута деревина: правове регулювання понять».pdf
PDF, Size: 668.63KB

Analytical report on illegal logging

This report provides an analysis of the practice of applying the term "illegal logging" in the national legislation, as well as outlines related illegal actions committed in the field of illegal timber trafficking in Ukraine.