Certified Forests

FSC-certified forests are distributed all over the world. FSC has been collecting maps of certified operations, while understanding the different conditions experienced by different forest managers and respecting the confidentiality of some of this data.

Milan Reska

GIS map

Our interactive GIS maps make it easy to identify and visualize data relating to important aspects of the FSC system such as certified forests, international membership and regional presence.

Contribute to the map

We are displaying the boundaries of some certified forests on the FSC map. These are provided on an entirely voluntarily basis by our certificate holders or FSC partners.

We thank our providers and encourage other certificate holders to contribute their maps, in order to promote their operations as well as to increase the transparency of the FSC system.

We currently have a beta version of the map, which will be regularly updated with newly contributed files. We invite stakeholders to provide feedback on the map, so that we can make it better.

If you wish to contribute to the map with new certified locations, please follow this link to the platform where you can register and contribute to the maps. All files provided must meet the data requirements in this template. The registration on the platform is subject to terms and conditions and contribution to the map is subject to a license agreement to ensure authorised use of data by FSC.

Upon contribution, our qualified staff will validate the correctness of the data as a pre-condition to publication of the files. Publication may take up to two weeks, provided that the data submitted is correct.

You can find more information on https://fsc.org/en/certified-forests