How to Use the FSC Logo

Seen on thousands of product labels around the world, the FSC trademarks – most recognisably the famous FSC logo – are trusted by ethical consumers worldwide.


Who can use the FSC trademarks?

If you are an organization or individual looking to use the FSC trademarks, you’ll belong to one of these categories:

  1. Certificate holders

    If you are an FSC certificate holder:

    • you have the opportunity to apply the FSC label to your products
    • you may include the FSC logo on sales and promotional materials, showing sustainable credentials to your buyers
    • you have access to the online label generator that creates on-product labels in over 60 languages, and an online marketing toolkit providing ideas for promoting certification and certified products
    • you have access to an online trademark training that covers the fundamentals of FSC trademarks and their correct use. 

    For more information and trademark use approvals please contact your certification body.

  1. Promotional Licence Holders

    If you are a company selling FSC-certified products, or an organization that uses FSC-certified products as part of your operations or business:

    • you have the opportunity to use the logo to promote the FSC-certified and labelled products you sell or use
    • you have access to the FSC trademark portal and online marketing toolkit
    • you must be licensed with your national or regional FSC trademark service provider and obtain pre-approval for trademark use

    For more information please contact your FSC national or regional office.

    Click below to see the FSC Trademark Use Guide For Promotional Licence Holders.

  2. Education, research, media and other public institutions

    If you are working with media, academia or other public institutions:

    • you can incorporate the FSC logo into articles that discuss FSC, research, etc.
    • you must register with your national or regional FSC trademark service provider to use the FSC trademarks 

    For more information please contact your FSC national or regional office.


Access Instructions - Trademark Training for Certificate Holders .pdf
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FSC-STD-50-001 V2-0_EN_0.pdf
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Trademark Quick Guide.pdf
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FSC-STD-50-001 V2-0_UA.pdf
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FSC-STD-50-001 V2-1_UKR.pdf
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Інтерпретації ТЗ 2021.pdf
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FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders UKR.pdf
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