Global Strategy

Today, forest management and economic systems in most countries are unfortunately designed in a way that leads to deforestation, forest degradation and social inequality, rather than to responsible use of forests by all stakeholders.


For 25 years, FSC has remained a leading catalyst and driving force for continuous improvement of forest management system and market transformation. FSC shifts global trends towards sustainable use, conservation and restoration of forests and, through multilateral dialogue, promotes mutual understanding and respect for all.

FSC's global strategy for 2021-2026 recognizes the world's forests as a public asset of values ​​and benefits for sustaining life on Earth. The strategy provides for certification of 300 million hectares of forests, including intensification of efforts in tropical forests, those managed by small landowners and communities, as well as in other forests that have significant potential for value creation and contribute to solving global challenges.

The document formulates three development strategies for the organization until 2026 and sets 12 goals for increasing FSC’s positive impact by strengthening certification. FSC will also help reach global goals and objectives, including those formulated in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Charter and the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Program.

More information and the text of the FSC Global Strategy can be found at: