FSC-ADV-60-002-01 Stipulation of Controlled Wood Risk Designations by FSC International in case of Emergency Situations: allowing FSC International to amend FSC risk assessments, both National Risk Assessments (NRAs) and Centralized National Risk Assessments (CNRAs), and to introduce mandatory control measures in CNRAs.

FSC-ADV-40-005-25 Adapting new Due Diligence Systems to Urgently Revised FSC Risk Assessmentsto make sure that FSC risk assessments revised as per the above are used in a reasonably short timeframe to address the urgency of the respective risks (30 days instead of 6 months). In addition, we clarified that the provisions for mandatory control measures also include CNRAs.

FSC-ADV-20-001-12 Consequences of Uncontrollable or Non-auditable Risks impacting the Forest Sector at large (NEW): requires certification bodies (CBs) to suspend or withdraw certificates in the event of emerging extraordinary risks beyond the control of the individual organization – identified either through CW risk assessments or otherwise. The advice note further regulates which types of certificates are subject to the highest risks and therefore shall be suspended or withdrawn.

FSC Ukraine prepared translations of these advice notes.

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