The selection of this model was preceded by a consultation process between FSC representatives, certification bodies, certificate holders, the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine and other stakeholders. Dialogue and a constructive approach helped to explore possible certification options and make decisions on how to maintain FSC certified status.

On the way to reform, FSC's efforts were to ensure the integrity of supply chains and minimize the risks within the forest certification system. The risk-based approach used by certification bodies in assessing the compliance of affiliates with FSC standards has become a response to potential threats to responsible forest management and the continuity of supply of certified products.

Currently, more than 90 branches hold FSC certificates, and the development of forest certification is one of their priorities in the context of increasing their competitiveness at the national and international levels. FSC Ukraine's efforts will continue to focus on comprehensive support for the development of management system of the newly established SE "Forests of Ukraine" in terms of ensuring environmentally appropriate, economically viable and socially beneficial forest management.