Since the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, a number of FSC Int.’s decisions have identified the main directions of response to the situation. Such areas are the support of Ukrainian holders of FSC certificates, along with the protection and securing integrity of the FSC certification system. In the context of these directions, the webinar informed its participants - holders of FM/CoC and CoC certificates, representatives of public organizations, certification bodies and executive authorities.


Understanding the key provisions identified by FSC Int. under martial law in Ukraine is important to make efficient management and production decisions aimed at ensuring the quality of forest certification both at the level of forest management system, and the supply chain. This information concerning, in particular:

the National Risk Assessment of Controlled Wood for Ukraine (version 2-0) revised in connection with the martial law in Ukraine, suspensions of FSC certificates in Ukraine in the territories designated as zones of armed conflict; adaptation to the current conditions of certification assessment processes, found a response among more than 120 participants of the webinar.

Further questions addressed at the webinar, such as outlining the potential risks in supply chains, which are further exacerbated by the martial law in Ukraine, and presenting ways to address such risks - all this will help ensure the transparency and integrity of supply chains and business sustainability.

Pavlo Kravets


Pavlo Kravets, Director of FSC Ukraine, said: “We have a situation where the relevance of FSC certification is growing and the need to obtain complete information about the situation regarding FSC certificates in martial law is increasing. The joint participation of the holders of forest management certificates and the supply chain certificates has increased the value of the event due to a comprehensive consideration of the functioning of forest certification and potential risks for it. "

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