April 18, 2022. - The military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine posed a threat to the supply of products from responsible sources around the world and put the country's forestry sector on the brink of survival. Forestry enterprises’ compliance with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) standards remains a testament to caring for forests in resource management, reproduction and protection, community needs, and biodiversity conservation. The woodworking business gives an unconditional advantage to work with wood originating from such forests, as it is international recognition of the responsibility of companies and additional evidence of the legality and sustainability of forest products.

The hostilities affected economic ties and logistics chains, blocking and/or destroying the infrastructure and production facilities of the forestry sector in the conflict zones. Independent audits have become impossible in such areas due to the danger to human life and health.

Unlike the decision on Russia, where trade certificates have been suspended, and Belarus, where the certificates have been terminated, FSC certification in Ukraine in areas outside armed conflict zones remains an important tool for ensuring sustainable forestry. Through its decisions, FSC International continues to support Ukrainian certificate holders – forestry enterprises, furniture makers, pulp and paper mills, and other producers of wood and wood pulp products. Businesses can continue producing and selling products with the FSC logo, which is highly valued around the world. Find out more about research into the consumer benefits of FSC-certified products here.

At the same time, FSC continues to protect the integrity of its system. Due to the inability to comply with FSC standards and the work of auditors in areas affected by armed conflict, certificates in such areas will be suspended until May 4, 2022.

"We send a clear signal to Ukrainian producers, authorities, stakeholders, and consumers in Europe that the imposition of martial law in areas not affected by the armed conflict is not a reason to deviate from the requirements of national legislation and international standards of our organization. Those holders who can ensure compliance with FSC certification by demonstrating their commitment to its values are supported in their pursuit. We already have reports of increased discipline and responsibility of every employee of forest sector enterprises. Prevention of risks of non-compliance with legal requirements and standards is becoming even more important in the management system. Changes in the application of certification procedures under the current conditions should in no way affect the quality of certification. Active stakeholder participation, openness, and transparency of FSC certification is the key to building trust between all participants in this process and remains a driver of change in the forest sector,” said Pavlo Kravets, Director of FSC Ukraine.

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